Impact of sleep apnea on your health

Impact of sleep apnea on your health

It's always good to know if you or any of your love suffers from sleep apnea. This is because many of us do not know how sleep apnea affects our health. Knowing and understanding the effects of sleep apnea on your health is crucial, because then you will only be able to apply for treatment. There is treatment for this problem, but you must know if your sleep apnea affects your health so seriously that you need treatment.

Why do we need to pay attention to sleep apnea? This is because it is a serious disease that collapses your airway. How do you know your airway has collapsed? Usually, it is noticeable by others when you sneak high, and it is more common in obese men and other people whose throats are more than 17 inches in diameter. Many people just ignore the symptoms that think it's common.

Will your sex life be affected by sleep apnea? One way you would know of sleep apnea on your health is when your sexual desire and sexual excitement have decreased. When you have sex, your orgasms become less intense, this is caused by sleep apnea. Patients treated for sleep apnea are pleased that their sexuality has improved considerably after being treated for sleep apnea. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of the spark but you must first seek the treatment of your problem.

Why are you sleepy during the day? When you are extremely sleepy during the day, a sign of sleep apnea is your health. This is not surprising because your sleep is often disturbed, 20 to 30 times each night. If you're a pain, you know that during your eight-hour sleep period, you'll never sleep more than ten minutes at a time. Because of this you are tired and sleepy the next day, all of these are caused by interrupted sleep due to sleep apnea that affects your sleep.

Is sleep apnea and increased risk of car accidents related? There have been many studies on sleep apnea and increased risk of car accidents. In a special Canadian study where 800 patients with sleep apnea were found almost five times more likely than drivers without sleep apnea to have car accidents and accidents that caused injuries. If you are a patient with mild sleep apnea, you have been shown to have the same increased risk as patients with severe sleep apnea. It appears that both mild and severe sleep apnea are at risk of involvement in an accident. If this is how sleep apnea affects your health, you should look for treatment immediately. Not only do you get back sleep and health, but you can also prevent you from participating in an accident.

Sleep apnea and increased risk of diabetes - An increased risk of diabetes among sleep apnea sufferers is another way in which sleep apnea affects your health. How is it possible that you ask? Well, when you stop breathing, which is caused by the respiratory tract while you sleep, the oxygen in your blood goes down.

How do you succeed in waking up? When your brain floods the bloodstream with an increase in hormones, you wake up, then you go to sleep and the bike repeats again and again until it's time to get up in the morning. Now you can see why most of the sufferers are sleepy the next day. Is it good for your health? Obviously not. So what are you going to do? You know the answer, looking for treatment.

It's good that you wake up at all, but researchers believe that the excess hormones and chemicals your brain orders your glands to excrete in the blood when you stop breathing, cause damage because they form stress hormones that affect the cells of the body that make insulin, a hormone related to diabetes Now you know that diabetes can be due to the consequences of sleep apnea.

The impact of sleep apnea on your health is definitely not good for you. So what are you going to do? You know what the answer is, look for treatment.

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